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Aqua Zumba playlist (45 min) – 2016-07-19

* “MI GEnTE” – Armando & Heidy – Caribbean [MM 42]
* “Swing” – Trace Adkins – country [MM 44]
* “Rumba y Gozadera” – Jose Peña Suazo y La Banda Gorda – merengue [AZ Vol 6]
* “Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah)” – Andy Grammer – pop
* “I Like It Like That” – Pete Rodriguez – salsa [AZ Vol 4]
* “Black Betty’s Worldwide (feat. Heymous Molly)” – Xenia Ghali – rock/pop
* “Bang Bang” – Ariana Grande – pop
* “Shot” – Jaiko El Prototipo – reggaeton
* “Electro Cumbia” – BiP – cumbia [MM 40]
* “Ministry of Road MOR” – Machel Montano – soca [MM 48]
* “Vamos Pal Club” – Tres Mundos – Middle Eastern–reggaeton fusion [AZ Vol 8]
* “Unstoppable” – Sia – pop


Aqua Zumba over for semester

Thanks for a great run, faithful Aqua Zumba attendees! The 6-week class is now OVER. Look for it again over the summer, pool schedule permitting. I’ll post about it here, plus we’ll advertise it at the UMF FRC and post it on the facility’s Facebook page.

I added four new songs to the playlist during this last run:

“Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah)” – Andy Grammer [pop]

“Cake by the Ocean [Clean]” – DNCE [pop]

“Ministry of Road MOR” – Machel Montano [soca; MM 48]

“Electro Cumbia” [Zumba original] – BiP [cumbia; MM 40]

Aqua Zumba playlist (60 min) – 2015-04-28

* “MI GEnTE” – Armando & Heidy [MM 42] – Caribbean
* “Contagious” – Zumba Fitness [Aqua 8] – rock/pop
* “La Mujere Quieren Mas” – Oro Solido [Aqua 7] – merengue
* “Swing” – Trace Adkins [MM 44] – country
* “La Bomba” – Zumba Fitness [Aqua 6] – Latin
* “Bang Bang” – Ariana Grande – pop
* “Suda, La Niña Suda” – Javier Voltaje & Vitamina C [Aqua 13] – cumbia
* “Ice Ice Baby (Zumba Remix)” – Vanilla Ice – rap & hip-hop
* “Here to Stay” (feat. Lady Chann) – Zomboy [ZIN 50] – electronic/glitch
* “Shisha” – Exotic Arabian Grooves [Aqua 11] – belly dance
* “Crazy Baby” – Zumba Fitness [Aqua Review] – Latin
* “Shot” – Jaiko El Prototipo – reggaeton
* “All About That Bass” – Meghan Trainor – pop
* “Hola My Friend” – Zumba Fitness [Aqua 7] – Polynesian Rhythm
* “Vivir Mi Vida” – Marc Anthony – salsa
* “Love Them Gyal” – Obie P [Aqua 2014] – cooldown

16 songs, 59 minutes; 45-minute class is drawn from this playlist


Aqua Zumba playlist (60 min) – 2013-07-13

By student request, here is my current playlist for Aqua Zumba!

1. Contagious – electropop / Zumba Fitness
2. La Bomba – Latin pop / Zumba Fitness
3. La Mujere Quieren Mas – merengue / Zumba Fitness
4. El Testamento – techno cumbia / Zumba Fitness
5. Move – pop / Little Mix
6. Suda, la Niña Suda – cumbia electrónico / Javier Voltaje & Vitamina C
7. Here to Stay (feat. Lady Chann) – glitch / Zomboy
8. Loco Corazon – rumba flamenca / Zumba Fitness
9. Tu Cancion – Afro-Colombian hip-hop / Zumba Fitness
10. Mano’ Pa’ Arriba – reggaeton / Papi Sanchez
11. Cogelo – Latin pop / Sie7e
12. Vamos Pal Club – Middle Eastern–reggaeton fusion / Tres Mundos
13. Vivir Mi Vida – salsa / Marc Anthony
14. Hola My Friend – Polynesian rhythm / Zumba Fitness
15. Un Corazon (Pop Version) – pop ballad / Zumba Fitness

Items by Zumba Fitness may be covers; search Amazon or iTunes for the title and listen to a sample to see if it the same song. If it is not available for purchase through one of these venues, it is probably a Zumba original song and unavailable to buy.


Aqua Zumba playlist additions – 2013-07-18

Here’s a listing of new songs I’ve been teaching recently.

* Cogelo Ahora – Sie7te – rock/pop (I use the Zumba cover)
* Contagious – Zumba – electropop
* El Testamento – Zumba Fitness – techno cumbia (available by various artists)
* Ice Ice Baby (Zumba remix) – Zumba Fitness & Vanilla Ice – rap & hip-hop
* Mano’ Pa’ Arriba – Papi Sanchez – reggaeton
* Shisha – Exotic Arabian Grooves – Middle Eastern

I also have a lot of requests for this song:

* Hola My Friend – Zumba Fitness – Polynesian rhythm

I can’t find it to purchase, so I think it must be a Zumba original. My students love to sing along to this one!


Aqua Zumba on hiatus

Thanks to all my intrepid Aqua Zumba gals! The class wasn’t even on the official schedule, and we managed seven or eight people a week. Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm!

I hope to get the class up and running again in May, assuming pool availability. Be sure to watch my blog, my Facebook page, and my Twitter feed—I’ll let you know when we reboot, never fear.

My Big Jambox has been returned to the manufacturer for replacement. Thanks for bearing with me during my music trials and tribulations, and for singing along to conceal the static.

Zumba love!


Aqua Zumba pickup class added (Jan-Feb 2013)

You asked, I responded! I requested an addition to the UMF HFC schedule of Aqua Zumba. After checking pool availability, we’ve scheduled Aqua Zumba on Tuesday evenings at 5:15–6:00p. Class begins today (January 22, 2013) and ends at the end of February (last class February 26, 2013).

This class is not going on the schedule because we can’t guarantee that it will be covered with some kind of aqua offering when I am unable to teach the class. So count yourself in the know, and I hope I’ll see you there!

This class is right after the only class I’ve got on the published schedule: regular Zumba at 4:15p. This class will be covered by other instructors when I am unable to teach it.