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Zumba Gold playlist 2013-11-26

* El Marciano (Merengue)
* We No Speak Americano (pop) – Yolanda Be Cool Vs. Dcup
* Pusha Pusha (axe)
* Hava Nagila (Hora)
* Forget You (pop) – Cee Lo Green
* Sabes Que Te Gusta Bailar (swing)
* She Bangs (English Version) (Latin pop) – Ricky Martin
* Los Campeones de la Salsa (salsa) – Willy Chirino
* Papa Loves Mambo (mambo) – Perry Como
* Kiss Kiss (belly dance)
* Why Haven’t I Heard From You (country-western line dance—Cowboy Boogie) – Reba McEntire
* Pata Pata (reggaeton)
* Feeling Good (cooldown) – Michael Bublé

If an artist isn’t noted, then it’s by Zumba or I use the Zumba cover.

Playlist, 45-min Zumba Gold

* “El Marciano” – Zumba Fitness – merengue warm-up†
* “We No Speak Americano” – Yolanda Be Cool Vs. DCup – silly pop song
* “Pata Pata” – Zumba Fitness – reggaeton†
* “She Bangs (English version)” – Ricky Martin – Latin pop†
* “Hava Nagila” – Zumba Fitness – line dance†
* “Mi Cucu” – Zumba Fitness – cumbia†
* “Sabes Que Te Gusta Bailar” – Zumba Fitness – swing†
* “Sahara Oasis” – Zumba Fitness – belly dance†
* “Los Campeones de la Salsa” – Zumba Fitness – salsa
* “El Choclo” – Zumba Fitness – tango
* “Papa Loves Mambo” – Zumba Fitness – mambo†
* “Zumba Lluvia” – Zumba Fitness – cooldown

† I use the ZIN choreography for this song and thus will not provide it here.


All the “Zumba Fitness” songs are ones on ZIN releases, and although some are covers, if you can’t find them, then they are proprietary (notably, the swing song, which I’ve had questions about, because it is indeed awesome!). I’ve found several versions for “El Choclo” and “Pata Pata” but elected to use the Zumba versions.

This playlist clocks in at 46.7 minutes, but my students seem flexible about going over, so I have a feeling the class may creep back up to an hour!

“El Choclo” by Zumba Fitness (tango)


* Theatrical instrumental strings-heavy version, with dancers, on YouTube
* Julio Iglesias version on (lots of other versions available too, some instrumental only)
* I am using the Zumba version, which is on Zumba Gold Vol. 2 and on Zumba Basics Level 2


These all fit inside obvious phrases of the music
* Introduction: tap front, side, back, switch, 4x total
* Part 1: R tango (R cross front, L step out wide, R cross back, swing L foot around and forward to cross front to repeat; think of it as 1-2-3-lift)
* Interlude: walk R1, L2, R3, L tap cross; return L
* Part 2: Walk forward R1, L2, R3; keep L foot back and tap twice on 4. Then step backward L1, R2, L3; keep R foot front and tap twice on 4. Keep repeating. (Variation: on the double tap, pivot between the two taps to face the other direction, then step forward with that tapping foot to continue.)
* Repeat Part 1 on L lead.
* Repeat Part 2 on L lead.


This makes a good footwork-only cooldown song for a regular Zumba class.

Playlist, 45-min Zumba Gold

* El Marciano – merengue – Zumba
* We No Speak Americano – silly pop song – Yolanda Be Cool vs. DCup
* Mi Cucu – cumbia – Zumba
* Toul ‘Omry – Middle Eastern/salsa – Nawal Al Zoghbi
* Sabes Que Te Gusta Bailar – swing – Zumba
* She Bangs – Latin pop – Ricky Martin
* Baby Likes To Rock It – country-western line dance – The Tractors
* Los Campeones de la Salsa – salsa – Zumba
* Papa Loves Mambo – mambo – Zumba
* Zumba Lluvia – cooldown – Zumba


I am working on a tango and will debut it as soon as I can cue it! Please note that some songs overlap my regular Zumba class; for Gold, I remove any hopping and slow down certain movements, so there may be slight differences between the two classes’ versions.

I’m using proprietary Zumba Gold choreography and will not blog it here. Likewise, the songs are not available for purchase, although some are covers and you could probably find the original-artist version.

I requested that this class move to 45 minutes, rather than an hour, because it meets at lunchtime, and I feared people were not coming because they did not want to leave early—they have to get back to work! So I hope the 45 minutes is a better fit for the time slot.

Zumba Gold playlist, 1-hour class

* Zumba Africa (ZIN downloads) – African beats/warm-up (choreo based on and lowered from Cardio Party Live)
* El Marciano (Gold Review) – merengue
* Fuego (Zin Mega Mix 4—Classics) – cumbia (original artist: Kumbia Kings)
* Toul-Omry (Nawal Al Zoughbi) – Middle Eastern/Salsa
* Pal’ Charco (Gold Review) – cumbia
* She Bangs (Ricky Martin) – Latin pop (English version)
* Baby Likes to Rock It (The Tractors) – country-western line dance (choreo from Kathy H. on YouTube)
* Los Campeones De La Salsa (ZIN Introductory CD) – salsa
* Sabes Que Te Gusta Bailar (Zumba Gold Vol. 1) – swing
* I Need to Know (Marc Anthony) – cha cha
* Zumba Lluvia (Gold Review/Party Nation) – cool-down


Items above are hotlinked either to the source to buy the music, or to one of my Web pages with choreography and further links. Items not hotlinked are not available for purchase. Much of the Gold choreography and music I use is proprietary to Zumba. I use some of the choreography in my regular classes too; I just remove hopping and slow down some of the moves for the Gold version.

“Los Campeones de la Salsa” by Willy Chirino (salsa)

Listen/obtain/sing along

* Listen at YouTube
* Buy at (I use the version on ZIN 18, which is 4:20 in length)
* Lyrics at Only Lyrics



* Plant feet wide, hip hits, presentation arms at shoulder level

Chorus (0:20)

* 4 steps to side, 2x salsa back
* Other side
* Repeat 4x total
* Stomp wide march during the transition

Verse 1 (0:51)

* Salsa side

Chorus (1:11)

* Add turn back on salsa back (outside leg moves first)

Verse 2 (1:36)

* Show tap and cross-front variations

Chorus (1:56) but no wide stomps

Intro reprise (2:41)

* Hip hits, presentation arms

Interlude 1 (“Ese soy yo”) (2:38)

* 2 steps side to side

Interlude 2 (rap) (3:09)

* 4 leg hits, switch side; then take in circle

Interlude 3 (“Ese es el mio”) (3:29)

* 2 steps side to side

Chorus (3:50)

“Pa’la Discoteka a Bailar” by Zumba Fitness (techno-cumbia)


* Buy at (on Zumba’s Vibe Tribe album; it is also on ZIN 24)



* Toe taps forward, then take it wide (this previews a move in the chorus)

Chorus 1 (4x)

* 2 V-steps, same lead
* 2 alternating toe taps
* V-step, tap to switch lead
* Repeat

Verse 1

* Hip lifts, arms wave overhead, 8 on one side, 8 on the other side
* Walk it up and back

Chorus 2 (3x)

* Same

Verse 2

* Same hip lifts as before, but now take it slowly in a circle, 8 one direction, 8 the other
* Walk it up and back, adding side toe tap to begin and end

Interlude 1

* Step tap, clapping with the claps in the music; 2 phrases
* Two steps, clapping; 2 phrases

Chorus (2x)

* Same, but add directionality: add cross over on final V-step/tap

Interlude 2

* Tiny knee up on downbeat, alternating (8 beats)
* Step tap, arms go opposite (8 beats)
* Turn tiny knee in to big knee up, alternating (8 beats)
* Step tap, arms go opposite (8 beats)
* Circle around, as before 8 one direction, 8 the other


* Same, to end


I have choreographed this song for a Zumba Gold class. The reggaeton rhythm is not performed in Gold, so I am making do with a song with a reggaeton interlude—thus the knees up on the downbeat. This song is great to funk up, so add your own personal flavor!

Although this choreography has no bouncing and works well for Gold, it is possible to add intensity and directional changes. I like doing the final chorus in a circle; just do the steps while turning.