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I’m pleased to say I’ll be teaching PiYo Live at the University of Maine at Farmington Health and Recreation Center!

PiYo creator Chalene Johnson wearing a PiYo-logo top with 'Who says you need to jump, grunt, and strain to get a good workout? #PiYo' inscribed in pink cursive and white sans serif type over the image

Join me on Tuesday nights at 5:30p and Thursday mornings at 9:15a for a half-hour PiYo workout! It will be intense, and you will sweat, but don’t worry—I’ll show modifications, and you always work at your own pace.


Licensed for PiYo Live!

I attended a workshop to teach PiYo Live (through Beachbody) and am SO EXCITED about this Pilates–yoga fusion format! I will begin by teaching a half-hour Flow version of the class, which is lower impact, so participants can get used to the moves, but never fear, I’ll be adding the Power version soon.

PiYo Instructor Training

Not sure what PiYo is like? It’s low impact but high intensity. It uses only body weight. It does involve getting down on the floor. Moves can be modified to make them less (or more!) intense. Check out this promotional video by Chalene Johnson, inventor of PiYo.