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STRONG by Zumba launches!

Join me in STRONG by Zumba! I’m super excited about this class: it’s not a dance class but a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class. The moves are synced to music, which means you have to keep up—so you have to work hard.

Class meets at the UMF FRC Tuesday nights 5:30–6:30p, and Saturday mornings at 9:15–10:15a.

The class is made up of quadrants, each of which escalates in intensity. The moves progress: you start out with a burpee prep, then a slow burpee, then a fast burpee. Need to stay back a layer? Do so. Want to up your intensity? I can help you out with that!

You’ll do jabs, uppercuts, punches, knee lifts, core rotations, football rumbles, planks, lunges… get the idea? The choreography is simple and progressive. The fourth quadrant is floor work.

More info is available on the official STRONG by Zumba Web site.

Zumba at Relay for Life!

Zumba-ites! Heads up! I am teaching at two Relay for Life events: Fri May 20 @ 6:30p Farmington Fairgrounds; and Sat May 21 @ 11:40a Rumford Hosmer Field (followed by 1:30p Piloxing). Join me!

I’m previewing music and songs; loving Xenia Ghali right now! How about “Black Betty Worldwide”?

Aqua Zumba over for semester

Thanks for a great run, faithful Aqua Zumba attendees! The 6-week class is now OVER. Look for it again over the summer, pool schedule permitting. I’ll post about it here, plus we’ll advertise it at the UMF FRC and post it on the facility’s Facebook page.

I added four new songs to the playlist during this last run:

“Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah)” – Andy Grammer [pop]

“Cake by the Ocean [Clean]” – DNCE [pop]

“Ministry of Road MOR” – Machel Montano [soca; MM 48]

“Electro Cumbia” [Zumba original] – BiP [cumbia; MM 40]

Metabolic Conditioning class

UPDATE 2015-05-21: The class isn’t doing well in its Wednesday time slot, so for June through August, I’ll teach it at 9–9:45a on Friday mornings. Day care is provided at this time.

I’m offering a Metabolic Conditioning class at the UMF FRC in May on Wednesdays at 4:15–5p (class meets May 6, 13, 20, and 27). If it runs well, we’ll keep it on the schedule over the summer!

Here’s its description:

This class uses circuit bursts of strength and cardio intervals to target both of the body’s energy systems, ATP and glycolysis. Combined upper and lower body moves with weights, medicine balls, and weighted body bars will be interspersed with cardio moves like burpees, bear crawls, and side leaps. The class ends with mat and core work. Participants will work at their own level for timed intervals.

“Zoot Suit Riot” by the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies (swing)

Listen/buy/sing along


1. Instrumental intro: Charleston

2. Verse: Side kicks, single single double, with both arms lifting up with the legs, hands flexed out

3. Chorus:
* Double hop R, double hop L (hitting forward angled right on 1 and 3, then left on 5 and 7), arms push forward, chest height, as you hop
* Monkey arms and circle heel kicks
* Switch sides

REPEAT 1–3 (but this one time, chorus will only go once right and left, not twice)

4. Instrumental hits: slow cross walk with music hits, then shorty George (alternating shoulder lifts) to switch sides, 4x total

5. Drums (call and response): 2 steps, arms out, flip hands down as you step on downbeat

REPEAT 2-3-4-5

BIG FINISH, with flapping hands!


I borrowed the chorus from Candy on YouTube. Thanks!