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Fall 2017 classes are enrolling!

Tai Chi for Healthy Aging and Balance

Place and time: 10:30 to 11:30a, The Landing, UMF Olsen Student Center (downstairs), Mondays and Thursdays during September, October, and November. No class on Labor Day, September 4. Update: SEPTEMBER CLASS FULL.

Cost/enrollment: $30/month for non–UMF FRC members. Note that the class is not included with the Heart Time pass. Enroll in person at the UMF FRC front desk, or phone them at (207) 778-7495.

I’l B Fit, Rumford

Zumba Gold: Mondays at 5p, September 11 to December 4. No class on Columbus Day, October 9.

PiYo Live: Thursdays at 5p, September 7 to October 19. Update: CLASS CANCELED—NOT ENOUGH PREENROLLEES

Cost/enrollment: $7 for drop-in. If you buy a 4-class card and pay up front, the cost drops to $5/class. Just show up the first day—no need to buy the 4-class card ahead of time.

MSAD 52, Turner

PiYo Live: Thursdays 4:30p, November 2 to December 14, place TBA; bring a sticky mat. Update 2017-09-19: CLASS CANCELED—NO ROOM AVAILABLE

Zumba Gold: Thursdays 5:30p, November 2 to December 14, place TBA; no equipment required. Update 2017-09-19: CLASS CANCELED—NO ROOM AVAILABLE

Cost/enrollment: $8 for drop-in. Preregistration is required, which cannot be done over the phone but can be done by mail. Minimum class size is 8; if 8 people do not preregister, the class will not run.

University of Maine at Farmington Fitness and Recreation Center (UMF FRC)

The classes on the posted group fitness schedule are drop-in, and no registration is required. Visit the FRC’s home page to download a PDF of classes being offered. I’m teaching STRONG by Zumba and Aqua Zumba. Classes are free for FRC members; others can pay $7 for a day pass.


No classes June 2017

I am not teaching during June 2017. Look for my classes in July! I’ll be teaching Aqua Zumba and PiYo Live. Also, heads up: no Saturday classes at UMF FRC until October 2017.


Early 2017 classes are enrolling!

Enrollment is OPEN for Zumba Gold and PiYo at I’l B Fit (! ZG meets Monday nights, 6p, February 6 to March 20; PiYo meets Thursday nights, 6:00p,* February 9 to March 16. Drop-ins are welcome ($7/class) but it’s cheaper if you sign up and prepay.

Signups are now open for MSAD52 (Turner) classes! PiYo is Thursday nights, April 27 to May 18, 4:30p, and Zumba Gold is right after, 5:30p. Each block of classes is $20 ($8 drop-in fee per class). Class meets at Turner Primary School. Register online at

Finally, signups are open for Tai Chi for Healthy Aging. The class is divided into three sessions, one each in February, March, and April. Class meets 10:30–11:30a on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Landing (bottom floor, UMF Olsen Student Center). Non-FRC members pay $30 per session; free for members. This class requires enrollment (sign up at the UMF FRC’s front desk); the sessions are progressive. Participants must be aged 60 years or older and ambulatory (people in chairs are welcome).

If minimum class sizes are not met, then the classes will be canceled, so if you’re interested, please sign up!

*Change as of 2017-02-23: 6p start time, not 5:30p start time!


STRONG by Zumba launches!

Join me in STRONG by Zumba! I’m super excited about this class: it’s not a dance class but a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class. The moves are synced to music, which means you have to keep up—so you have to work hard.

Class meets at the UMF FRC on Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:15–10a, and Saturday mornings at 9:15–10:15a. The Tuesday night class was canceled.

The class is made up of quadrants, each of which escalates in intensity. The moves progress: you start out with a burpee prep, then a slow burpee, then a fast burpee. Need to stay back a layer? Do so. Want to up your intensity? I can help you out with that!

You’ll do jabs, uppercuts, punches, knee lifts, core rotations, football rumbles, planks, lunges… get the idea? The choreography is simple and progressive. The fourth quadrant is floor work.

More info is available on the official STRONG by Zumba Web site.


Class descriptions – 2016-08-10

Aqua Zumba is Zumba—in the water! This world music aqua class incorporates water resistance and classic aqua aerobics moves into the dance format Zumba is famous for. No equipment is used; participants stay in the shallow end of the pool and do not put their heads in the water. Participants are encouraged to sing along with the high-energy world music. [Description]

Piloxing is a kickboxing–Pilates fusion class. You may use optional 0.5-pound weighted gloves. It intersperses standing Pilates, boxing, and dance blocks. The hour-long version of the class ends with mat work, and the 45-minute version omits it. It’s performed barefoot or with shoes to high-energy Top 40 songs. [YouTube promo]

Piloxing Knockout is a high-impact interval training (HIIT) plyometric workout, with lots of jumps, leaps, and power moves. You may use optional 0.5-pound weighted gloves. It’s performed while wearing shoes to special music arranged to time the intervals and motivate the participants. [YouTube promo]

PiYo, a Beachbody Live class, is a Pilates–yoga fusion class. It uses no equipment, only body weight. The class will make you sweat! It’s like a low-impact boot camp. It’s performed barefoot or with shoes to motivating New Age and popular music. Class formats include 30-minute classes (Flow or Strength), 45-minute classes (Flow or Strength), or hour-long classes. [YouTube promo]

Tai Chi for Healthy Aging is a 6-month evidence-based class that aims to teach 60-year-old or older participants simplified tai chi moves with a focus on improving balance and coordination. Each week, participants learn a new tai chi move, both seated and standing, to build a long sequence. The class includes elements from both yang and wu styles of tai chi. [YouTube promo]

Zumba Gold is Zumba’s low-impact offering—no jumps, just dance! This world music class features four core Latin rhythms—salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, and merengue—as well as big band, swing, and Top 40. Gold is designed for people new to fitness and for active older participants, and it focuses on coordination and balance. [Description]

Zumba Gold-Toning is the same as Gold but incorporates light weights in the form of Toning sticks—maraca-like dumbbells that provide muscle conditioning. It’s perfect for participants who want both cardio and light weight training. [Description]

Zumba Toning is an interval dance class that uses light weights—maraca-like Zumba Toning sticks—that you can lift and shake to add light resistance. Each song focuses on a particular muscle group and ends with lower body isolation, all to the fun world music rhythms Zumba is known for. [Description]

Zumba is an interval dance class. This world music class features four core Latin rhythms—salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, and merengue—but class may include other rhythms like bhangra, R&B, hip-hop—it’s up to the instructor. Although the class is high impact, it can easily be modified to your fitness level. [Description]



I’m pleased to say I’ll be teaching PiYo Live at the University of Maine at Farmington Health and Recreation Center!

PiYo creator Chalene Johnson wearing a PiYo-logo top with 'Who says you need to jump, grunt, and strain to get a good workout? #PiYo' inscribed in pink cursive and white sans serif type over the image

Join me on Tuesday nights at 5:30p and Thursday mornings at 9:15a for a half-hour PiYo workout! It will be intense, and you will sweat, but don’t worry—I’ll show modifications, and you always work at your own pace.