“Put ‘Em Up” by Soulico (Middle Eastern/Hebrew)


[listen at YouTube] [buy at Amazon.com – FREE]


Intro: Step tap; clap overhead (“Put ’em up”)

Chorus: Salsa side, alternating sides (1-2-3, center pause; repeat other side); start low, then pick up feet and jump it

Verse 1: Tap one foot forward, the other foot back

Arm interlude (short little instrumental interlude): Start arms low, flick wrists as you bring arms up to the side


Arm interlude

Verse 2: Tap one foot forward, other foot back (other side from verse 1)

Arm interlude


Arm interlude while getting body low, wide legs

Verse 3: Single, single, double pulls, leading with shoulder, while in a squat; add side shuffles; make legs really big—this interval low and sideways

Arm interlude



This has a reggaeton feel, but I’ve choreographed it as a salsa.

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