Aqua Zumba playlist, 2013-07-13

By student request, here is my current playlist for Aqua Zumba!

1. Contagious – electropop / Zumba Fitness
2. La Bomba – Latin pop / Zumba Fitness
3. La Mujere Quieren Mas – merengue / Zumba Fitness
4. El Testamento – techno cumbia / Zumba Fitness
5. Move – pop / Little Mix
6. Suda, la Niña Suda – cumbia electrónico / Javier Voltaje & Vitamina C
7. Here to Stay (feat. Lady Chann) – glitch / Zomboy
8. Loco Corazon – rumba flamenca / Zumba Fitness
9. Tu Cancion – Afro-Colombian hip-hop / Zumba Fitness
10. Mano’ Pa’ Arriba – reggaeton / Papi Sanchez
11. Cogelo – Latin pop / Sie7e
12. Vamos Pal Club – Middle Eastern–reggaeton fusion / Tres Mundos
13. Vivir Mi Vida – salsa / Marc Anthony
14. Hola My Friend – Polynesian rhythm / Zumba Fitness
15. Un Corazon (Pop Version) – pop ballad / Zumba Fitness

Items by Zumba Fitness may be covers; search Amazon or iTunes for the title and listen to a sample to see if it the same song. If it is not available for purchase through one of these venues, it is probably a Zumba original song and unavailable to buy.

Zumba L.A. convention, Zumba Sentao, and Zumba Step

I’ve been busy! I attended the Zumba instructor conference in Los Angeles in January–February 2014, where I certified for Zumba Sentao, a chair-based Zumba class:

Me sitting in a chair, wearing a Zumba top and convention nametag, holding the Zumba Sentao booklet and DVD box set

Zumba Sentao certification

There were over 3000 people there, most of them women, which means that the convention center had to repurpose some men’s restroom’s into women’s restrooms (you know you’re at an aerobics convention when they do this…):

Photo of a sign over a restroom door of an icon of a man, with a piece of paper taped over it that reads 'Women's Restroom'

Zumba “women’s” restroom

The weekend after the conference, I certified for Zumba Step. Zumba is launching this one big, and I can’t wait to get started on learning choreography and building a class!

Zumba Gold playlist 2013-11-26

* El Marciano (Merengue)
* We No Speak Americano (pop) – Yolanda Be Cool Vs. Dcup
* Pusha Pusha (axe)
* Hava Nagila (Hora)
* Forget You (pop) – Cee Lo Green
* Sabes Que Te Gusta Bailar (swing)
* She Bangs (English Version) (Latin pop) – Ricky Martin
* Los Campeones de la Salsa (salsa) – Willy Chirino
* Papa Loves Mambo (mambo) – Perry Como
* Kiss Kiss (belly dance)
* Why Haven’t I Heard From You (country-western line dance—Cowboy Boogie) – Reba McEntire
* Pata Pata (reggaeton)
* Feeling Good (cooldown) – Michael Bublé

If an artist isn’t noted, then it’s by Zumba or I use the Zumba cover.

October 2013 teaching schedule

The October schedule at the UMF FRC has been released! I will be teaching the following classes:

Tuesday: Aqua Zumba 5–6p (starting October 8)

Saturday: Zumba 9–9:45a; Aqua Zumba 10–11a

The Aqua Zumba classes are constrained by the pool schedule, so there are no Thursday classes in October and the class times have changed. Mark your calendars!

2014 Zumba conference

I just signed up for the Zumba instructor conference in Los Angeles, California, January 31 to February 2, 2014. I’ll be certifying for Zumba Sentao (a chair-based cardio class) and attending a bunch of fun sessions and master classes. I can’t wait, and I plan to bring some super fun ideas, plus lots of extra energy, to my Zumba classes.

Class schedule changes

The schedule at the UMF FRC is changing for the next 2 weeks.

This week, the week of August 12, 2013, there are NO AQUA CLASSES. The pool is shut down for 2 weeks.

Next week, the week of August 19, 2013, the entire facility is CLOSED for Shutdown Week.

Thus I am teaching the following upcoming classes:

* Wed Aug 14 @ 9a: Zumba Toning
* Thu Aug 15 @ 4:15p: regular Zumba
* NO AQUA ZUMBA on Aug 24 @ 10a


I recently certified for FIERCE4 with Janis Saffell. Fight, Fun-k, Fitness, Fusion are the 4 Fs. Hit the link to view clips of the class. The other founder of the class is Pepper Von. He didn’t participate in the training (except in a video, where he taught a Fun-k dance). I did see Pepper around, and I took a Zumba class, a FIERCE4 class, and a Step class (with Janis demo-ing) from him at the convention. He is recovering from an injury.

FIERCE4 is a high-impact cardio class that alternates between kickboxing (Fight) and dance (Fun-k) for the cardio part; then yoga for strength; and finally Pilates mat work for core. All those disciplines? That’s the Fusion. Note how there’s a hyphen in “Fun-k”! There’s a reason for that: people are afraid to dance funk, fearing they will look stupid. But FIERCE4 posits that anyone can dance: after all, it’s just walking in patterns with attitude. The Fun-k portions are breakdowns, so over the course of an entire FIERCE4 class, you will learn a routine.

For those interested in comparing and contrasting FIERCE4 with Piloxing: FIERCE4 is more highly choreographed and is less repetitious. In terms of instructing, FIERCE4 is more like the aerobics classes of yore: 32-count choreo, switch sides, but sort of freestyle, in part because the Fight and Fun-k blocks are timed (because they are at different tempos). So when the music switches, you have to move on.